New Game Released: Nijiko First Act

Nijiko: First Act is now available online to download!

Go to and to the downloads page to find it!

It’s currently only uploaded on 4shared. New links to follow soon.

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What I’m doing now…

I’ve had a few inquiries about what’s happened since I disappeared, so here’s what’s going on. I’m currently developing two games under a new alias, so I’m still in the visual novel game. These shall be released in the next year or so. For more information, visit the new page:

As for other things, my real life has been quite busy with practicals and assignments as well as work, so I haven’t had much time for the online community as of late. I shall be writing and programming like crazy from now on however. Thank you to those who inquired and I hope my sudden disappearance wasn’t too confusing.

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As of now, this identity I use is being discontinued. The games are still available for download but I won’t be creating any more games using this identity i.e. Scope Games and clannadman.

I will be making more projects when I have time and continuing with one I started here, but I’m changing the identity I work under since using the name ‘clannadman’ confuses some, thinking I’m related to the translator for the English version of Tomoyo After. It also links me to my first project too heavily and I’d like to move away from that. I’ve also grown to dislike the name ‘Scope Games’.

I may post a link here to my new titles and projects when I’m more established. But I’d rather distance myself from here for now.

Thank you to all those who supported me!

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A year on…

So it’s almost been a year since the release of version 1.0, and I’m still getting positive feedback from people. Thank you everyone for your kind words! It’s keeping me going with my other projects (which can be found here – and is a confidence boost in general. I’m glad this game was touching and enjoyable for you, and I hope to keep making games that entertain and make people happy!

Thank you!

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A pretty cool thing has happened – we’ve been linked from TvTropes:

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New Download Links

Just to reinforce the fact – there are now new Downloads links!

There’s a Windows download on 4shared and a Mac + Linux release will be uploaded there in a day or two!

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C-TPP- Version 1.1


It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’m currently working on issues highlighted in feedback for Version 1.0 such as length of text, as well as other minor problems. This is just the first step in reaching a Version 2.0. There are still a number of things to do such as:

  • Work on improving current available routes
  • Working on artwork
  • A new soundtrack

This is still a way off since the current version I’m on is v.1.1 but I just thought I should update!

On another note, there have been a number of complaints about the lack of available downloads. There should be a link up for the current version hosted on 4shared.

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