Project Dedication

There have been some doubts expressed in comments about this project which I wish to alleviate here. Despite this wordpress only existing since early August, the development for this game has actually been going on since October 2010. While the script is (currently) still not finished, it is nearing completion and the reason it is not already finished is because I’m also doing all the programming and other jobs. It’s a one-man project so I’m completing each part as I go. As I write, I add in sprites, music, CGs, backgrounds and allsorts. The fact that the script is nearing completion also means that the other aspects are too. I hope this clears some things up. This isn’t a fleeting fancy or some fanfiction that will be abandoned. It’s been almost a year’s worth of time and effort and I am dedicated to seeing it through to the very end.

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One Response to Project Dedication

  1. verner says:

    This is great, keep it up! Can’t wait.

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