Current working links

Megaupload – Windows, Mac, Linux – Windows, Mac, Linux

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6 Responses to Current working links

  1. Nobody says:

    Thanks! I tried the Win version while Linux links was down. Game could be played but without sound.

  2. Downloading each version, gonna put up a mirror on the DCN page.
    Also, what do you think of a DCN release? Basically the same as the original, except after “Scope Games” is displayed, the DCN logo is displayed, almost like a “Sponsored by” kind of screen.
    Also, doing this means that I’ll be displaying an advertisement on the front page of Dancube Network, and releasing a review about it for publicity.

    Hows that sound? And of course, I’m really enjoying this so far, you’ve actually gotten extremely close to the feel of Clannad, and lets just say, that’s remarkable! Good job.

  3. InK says:

    Hi, I’ve only played through the intro and a little through the first act and I have to say – this is very well done!

  4. anon says:

    This is absolutely amazing – I take my hat off to you for this. ♥

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