Reviews and Beyond…

So far, there have been several reviews and a lot of feedback on the game. Some people seem to really enjoy it whereas others find it less favorable. Regardless, it seems to have made some impact on the OELVN community so I’m happy.

Looking ahead to the future, I’m uncertain as to whether I should release a version 2.0 with extended game-play. There are some issues that may need addressing, such as number of words per screen. For now, I’m going to leave this as it is and work on some other endeavors.

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5 Responses to Reviews and Beyond…

  1. Zerix says:

    I would enjoy an extended version eventually. Personally, I would like to see Haruka’s route extended, if only a little. The end just seemed too abrupt. It at least deserved an epilogue of some sort.

    What other endeavors are you working on, out of curiousity?

    • Here’s one I recently completed, a few days ago:

      It’s based on the poem by Alexander Pope so isn’t a traditional visual novel – more a telling of the poetry through sprites and backgrounds. I also have a rather depressing game in the works although I don’t want to give too much away. I’m trying to create something that will give people a shocking experience. I’ll probably post with some information about it here when it comes to a time of release.

  2. Kelsier says:

    From what I’ve played so far, this Visual Novel is extremely impressive; truly worthy to be called a prequel to Clannad. One of the things that’s striked me most is the soundtrack, it’s brilliant! Are they all original pieces, and if so could you please provide a download so we can all enjoy them on the go? Other than that, great job! I’ll be looking forward to your future projects.

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 As for the music, it’s generally all freely available although from several different sources. If you name some particular songs then I can direct you as to where to find them, or send you the download links.

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