Okazaki Naoyuki

An 18yr old of average intelligence. After some past troubles, he spent a year living as a shut-in at home. His parents managed to get him back into his high school. Lazy and unhappy with things, his life takes on a new perspective when he meets Nakamura. The protagonist of the story, you play from his perspective…

Nakamura Atsuko

A kind girl who’s constantly finding new and fun things to occupy herself with. Seemingly calm and enthusiastic at first, she holds a dark secret and a mysterious past…

Inoue Haruka

A girl who’s always losing things that you meet one day after school…

Sakamoto Miu

Okazaki’s neighbour and a champion on the track and field. A little rough around the edges and a bit of an idiot, she helps Okazaki come to understand some important things about his life and his relationship…

Fukuda Miwa

She and Naoyuki share a history. Atsuko’s best friend and depending on route choices, a confidante for Naoyuki…

Shige Katsuro

A student representative who won’t stop hassling Okazaki about his attendance and behaviour…

Okazaki Shino

Naoyuki’s mother, she is loving and caring, embarrassingly so but ultimately extremely important to him…


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