CLANNAD -The Past Path- OST

Some generous and dedicated anon with the username ‘unknown9092’ has uploaded the soundtrack in playlist form onto Youtube:

Thank you for your hard work!

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Scope Games Blog

There is now a new blog for Scope Games and other titles that have been released by the company. Check it out here:

Note: There is currently a new visual novel in development!

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Feedback page…

A Feedback page has been added to the menu so if you have any comments or ideas about the game, please respond by commenting there 🙂

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Reviews and Beyond…

So far, there have been several reviews and a lot of feedback on the game. Some people seem to really enjoy it whereas others find it less favorable. Regardless, it seems to have made some impact on the OELVN community so I’m happy.

Looking ahead to the future, I’m uncertain as to whether I should release a version 2.0 with extended game-play. There are some issues that may need addressing, such as number of words per screen. For now, I’m going to leave this as it is and work on some other endeavors.

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Current working links

Megaupload – Windows, Mac, Linux – Windows, Mac, Linux

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Broken links

Apologies but it appears some links are broken or not working. Currently, the following links are active:

Megaupload – Windows, Mac – Windows (some issues experienced)

A linux version is being reuploaded to Megaupload. As for, there are problems with uploading 300mb files. Hopefully some new links will be put there soon.

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Check the downloads section for links.

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